What is the Toolbar and what can I do here?  
  As a registered customer you receive with the toolbar by Spilker exclusively a new
and comfortable device for your orders and inquiries. Informative, quickly, efficient -
optimize your procedures with the aid of:

1. personalised orders

2. quick orders with price information

3. order tracking

4. ordering history of all orders incl. sales overview
  Not yet registered?
Please contact us, whether by e-mail or by phone, you will immediately receive your access data!
  For the utilization of the Toolbar we recommend:

Internet Explorer from version 6
Mozilla Firefox from versio 3.0

Further conditions:
Installation of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The JRE is contained and activated as a standard in the browsers mentioned.

The safety settings in the Internet Explorer may only be set to medium grade as a maximum.

If modifications to the page are not shown immediately a new page reproduction can be forced with the "F5" button.
  Download Internet Explorer Download Mozilla Firefox